The purpose of the Federation is to unite the women's clubs of Maryland for the betterment of their communities through the support of the Arts; the preservation of our natural resources; the promotion of education; the encouragement of healthy lifestyles; stressing civic involvement; and working towards world peace and understanding.

Dottie Gregg president, Karen-Marie Wasik President elect, Cynthia Dykes Vice president , Mary Snyder Recording Secretary , Mikki Stratmeyer Corresponding Secretary, Anita Becker Treasurer, Andrea Lilly Director of Junior Clubs

2018-2020 Officers

President: Dottie Gregg
President-elect: Karen-Marie Wasik
Vice President: Cynthia Dykes
Recording Secretary: Mary Snyder
Corresponding Secretary: Mikki Stratmeyer
Treasurer: Anita Becker
Director of Junior Clubs: Andrea Lilly

2018-2020 Junior Officers

Contact: Andrea Lilly - andrealillygfwcmd@gmail.com

Director of Junior Clubs: Andrea Lilly
Director-elect: Grace M.Kelly
Junior Secretary: Laura Leinhard
Junior Treasurer: Dana Bodley

Official Call


Expense Voucher 2020-2022

Club Treasurer Payment Form 2020-2021

GFWC MD By-Laws 2020

MD LEADS Informational Sheet and Application Form 2018

GFWC MD Statistical Report Form 2020 - 2022

2018-2020 Directory Officer Form

MD Affiliate Organizations Data Form


Working with Habitat for Humanity,  the Home Life CSP and club members donated kitchen items for the new owner, a single mother.

GFWC Maryland President Dottie Gregg shares information at the Summer Workshop 

Susan Cleveland, USO speaker with President Dottie Gregg and Carol Feser at the September Board of Directors meeting at the Bowie Comfort Inn and Conference center 

President Gregg recognizes Christy Swiger for the GFWC Fundraising Award 

The 2018-2020 GFWC Maryland Executive Committee at the September Board of Directors meeting at the Bowie Comfort Inn and Conference Center

Mary Snyder, Mikki Stratmeyer and Norma Swam  enjoy the day at the Summer Workshop

Kaye Shoemaker, Linda Kjeldgaard and Carol Berent chat at the Summer Workshop

Maryland clubwomen listen to Dean of Chairman Cynthia Dykes

Terry Blank and Dana Lane share some thoughts at the Summer Workshop


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